Building Blocks


The Building Blocks are priced by six categories with prices approximately $40-460 per 1 gramm

We have not minimal mass order limits in sales of Building Blocks.You can order any building block at any amount: down to 1 mg

Supply formats & Delivery

We deliver building blocks in plastic containers/glass vials in pasterboard boxes. We normally operate our deliveries through UPS. You can trace the order placed with us on the UPS Website.

Note: UPS delivering price to USA for a small parcel approx. $100, to Europe - about €80, to Asia (Japan, Korea, etc.) approx. $130-150


Building Blocks store, January 2010, 5442 compounds in total

393 compounds (7%)
available in amount up to 1 g
626 compounds (11%)
1 - 5g
1570 compounds (29%)
5 - 10g
3241 compounds (59%)
more 10g

If you wish to have direct access to the latest information on masses of building blocks, see the Online Databases Section.

Diversity & Originality

Our building blocks are quite original and generally based on own synthetic developments (see Custom Synthesis). Remarkable examples:

  1. Furazanes
  2. Suzuki reaction substrates
  3. Triazoles
  4. Amines
  5. Aminocarboxy
  6. Indoles
  7. Others...

Download PDF catalogue with additional information about our Building Blocks

Purity & Quality

Minimal purity of compounds in Building Blocks database is 90%. Average purity ~ 95%. All structures have been confirmed by NMR, MASS, IR spectra and passed computer-assisted professional expertise. We guarantee absolute correspondence of our chemicals to the given chemical structures.