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Spectral Service

Our Spectral Service includes:

Spectra.scope Database (structures with real NMR spectra)
The Fastest NMR processing

Spectra.scope Database

Online access to Spectra.scope database

Experimental 1H NMR Spectra of actually synthesized organic compounds. Access to spectral files (FID, JCAMP, PDF, etc.). All spectra have been checked by experts and correspond to the given chemical structures.

153140 records, for years 1990-2005 (being constantly extended)

Your can browse/search by name/structure, see the spectra preview and request spectral files (FID, JCAMP, PDF, etc.).

Prices for access to spectra in Spectra.scope

Fastest NMR Processing

The fastest (20 sec per 500 MHz 1H spectrum! see MPEG4 movie) and quality NMR processing: 1D Spectra for any magnetic nuclei, all kinds of 2D homo- and heteronuclear correlations, variety of special NMR experiments.

NMR processing prices

You can send us your compounds in any format (for 1D NMR 5 mg is enough) and get the 1D H1 spectra by e-mail in a relevant form (FID, JCAMP, PDF, etc.) the next day after we receive them from you. Timing of other works (2D NMR, etc.) should be discussed individually.

Example of PDF of our typical routine 1D NMR spectrum

Download the PDF flyer with information about our NMR Service

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