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Screening Library

Online access to Screening Library

Information about our Screening Library:

Supply Formats & Delivery
Purity & Quality
Diversity & Originality

Supply formats & Delivery

Our main delivery format is vials or plates (for powders or liquids).

Special format: microplates - normally we don't deliver though if you contact us such individual arrangements are possible.

We normally operate our deliveries through UPS. You can trace the order placed with us on the UPS Website.

Note: UPS delivering price to USA for a small parcel approx. $100, to Europe - about €80, to Asia (Japan, Korea, etc.) approx. $130-150.


Store, January 2010 revision, 193466 compounds in total

65686 compounds (34%) : available in amount up to 5 mg
14151 compounds (7%) : 5 - 10 mg
118191 compounds (61%) : more 10 mg

Purity & Quality

Minimal purity of Screening Collection compounds is 90%. Average purity ~ 95%. All structures have been confirmed by NMR and MASS spectra and passed computer-assisted professional expertise. We guarantee absolute correspondence of our chemicals to the given chemical structures.

Diversity & Originality

This collection is quite original both by its content and pricing. The selection of compounds is based on their non-occurrence in other collections and chemical originality of the structure.

Store, January 2010 revision, 193466 compounds in total

Database diversity is 0.8342 (length of bitstrings - 47520)

Diversity diagram (compounds sorted by diversity):

Guidelines for CHEMICAL DIVERSITY. Definitions


Store, January 2010 revision, 193466 compounds in total

137779 structures (71%) : no atomic carbon stereocentres
38030 structures (20%) : 1 stereocenter
17656 structures (9%) : 2 and more stereocenters


Store, January 2010 revision, 193466 compounds in total

Lipinsky rule: 144514 (75%)

cLogP - MolWeight diagram:

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